Even football history will find its place among the impressive walls of the Basilica of Palladio in Vicenza. There is in fact in the program, in the basilica of Vicenza, an exhibition of relics and testimonies on samples of all time: Maradona Baggio, Platini by Van Basten, Zico by Buffon, world champions Italy in 1934 those of 2006, rising to the blue success of 1982. then will be exposed other objects that tell the stories and emotions of the last century of the ball.

The initiative, whose title will be “Heroes of Football – Football Stories” was presented in the Palladian Basilica, in recent days, the Deputy Mayor and Councillor for growth Bulgarini Jacopo d’Elci and, for the Italian Footballers’ Association, its honorary president Sergio Campana, the chief executive, Gianni Grazioli, and organizational manager, Fabio Poli. Also present was Claudio Pasqualin, procurator of players and collectors.

Among the pieces on display, to signal that historically the oldest, or the jersey of Scotland in 1898, and then the mesh of many players who have played in our league, as well as a space dedicated to the legends of the game who have never played in Italy : Pele, Garrincha, Di Stefano, Eusebio, Best, Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo and many others. We could not miss a room on the Vicenza football, of which Bell was one of the protagonists. And then space at the World Cup won by Italy and to our four gold balloons, Rivera, Baggio, Paolo Rossi and Cannavaro, two of Vicenza. There will also be a section dedicated to the Panini stickers and playing a stadium 1:100. Finally arrive in Vicenza great coaches, players and sports personalities and events will be organized on a national level conferences and roundtables.
On the occasion of the presentation of the event were shown a few pieces that will be exhibited: the shoe worn by Giuseppe Meazza, that of Cristiano Ronaldo made entirely of carbon fiber, and Marco Materazzi, celebrating the victory of the 2006 World Cup. And the jersey number 19 for the 2006 World Cup Gianluca Zambrotta. than 100 years of international success will be told by players from all parts of the world through pictures and multimedia reproductions, historical footage of matches and interviews. The exhibition, which will be traveling after the experience of Vicenza and will be hosted in other Italian cities, is part of a larger project of the Italian Footballers who intends to focus on the enhancement of the culture of football and the centrality of the role of the player.

“Our city, – said the deputy mayor and councilor for growth, Bulgarini Jacopo d’Elci,-for the first time in recent years, he discovered a vocation to project to the outside, to be attractive, and I think that this is the reason why the Italian Footballers’ Association, which is headquartered in Vicenza, has chosen us to host an event of this magnitude. Accommodate an exhibition dedicated to the world of football is to embrace a different form of culture. The project built I liked it right away and this has convinced us to host opening the doors of the Basilica, one of the largest and most prestigious container that has ever been granted for an event of this type. I am sure that will attract a large audience who will take the opportunity to discover the beauty of Vicenza. I appreciate the centrality of this exposure given to men, to the players, in a narrative that focuses on the human dimension. It will be an exhibition that tells and emotions that will stir emotions. ”
“It ‘s certainly commendable initiative – he added Sergio Campana – especially at a time like this, it is difficult for our football. I think this show will appeal to a bit ‘all, and not only the fans, because they will be exposed to many objects related to historical moments to remember. The choice of a prestigious venue as the Palladian Basilica has an important meaning because it emphasizes that the sport is culture, and that is the real football. ”

“If you do not have historic memory and respect for the past one can not believe in a better future – finally pointed out Claudio Pasqualin, attorney, former secretary of AIC and collector of many relics to be exhibited in Vicenza -. So I collected a number of pieces that have a historical significance combined with an artistic value. The objects that will be displayed here are definitely stunning pieces, the highest level in collaboration with “World Football Collection.”


Also this year came the summer holidays.

Now a well-deserved rest for all after a year that has been truly exceptional achievements and successes.

Our offices will be closed for vacation until Monday, August 18.

The staff Manaly wishes everyone happy holidays and will be meeting later this month for a new start to the season that lies ahead full of fantastic news.