“Alessandro Montanari Interview”

Born in Vicenza in 1962, is the fourth child of a housewife and mother father policeman. His sport is basketball and his hobby battery. In 1981 he founded with other young friends idealists Cooperative Manaly. They grow job opportunities and in a few years, the company said in the city as a service company generic. In the early 90s the company focuses its activities in the production of stands and events and gradually abandons the activities that had caused to be born. Today, general manager of the cooperative made ​​up of 12 members and 9 employees employed is engaged in the construction of generational change that involves more than the recruitment of young future managers to bequeath a modern company with the mission, values ​​and perspectives clear and shared. With his partner shares the life for over 25 years and this love were born Peter and John. His passion is the music, which led him in the past decade to resume the study of jazz drums and performing in small contexts. Recent and popular readings Dominique La Pierre and Piergiorgio Odiffredi plays tennis, loves good food and always believe in we can do it, together with the other!.


Entrepreneur rhymes with …

I would say ardor; is the passion for the mission of enterprise in the first place that inspires the insights and visions and hopes and then transformed first into concrete actions, and that pushes you every day to get in the discussion, you creates reasonable doubt; in short, there is need to undertake sustained efforts and motivated.




A ‘company can not ignore …

Its human resources and the changes taking place. The enhancement of the person is definitely the right differential: enable it to express themselves and grow, which is not easy, it is a strength indispensable. And then keep the focus on the evolution of the market and society: allows you to adapt strategies: small or big you are these two aspects are essential.


My motto:

“live and let live” but without turning on the other side in the sense that it takes me close to “love your neighbor as yourself.”


Diesel, Petrol or Electric Car?

Electric definitely. No need to explain why


Cash or ATM?

Always use the ATM cash as a last resort … it’s a matter of abitudine..in holiday always ATMs.


He ‘s account in Facebook?

I opened my face book account of more than two years ago with the aim of tracking down an old friend for advice for professional sports career of my son, then total darkness! For about a month I started with small appearances, and I limit myself to friends who share my passion of Jazz music


Real estate, bonds, mutual funds. Where to invest your money?

Today and for the future in my business more profitable and safe place, to answer the question, still.


To enter the world of work today would say …

You’re lucky … in all seriousness I would tell him to take up the mission of the company he works for without prejudice and ind ECISIONS; to be proactive. W e need ideas and dynamism, today things change quickly.