Progold – Villa La Favorita

Saturday, January 24, at Villa La Favorita in Sarego, Progold SpA, Trissino company specialized in the production and marketing of alloys and master alloys for jewelery, has its world premiere the first service for 3D printing of jewelry in precious material. We Manaly Standeventi we had the pleasure to coordinate the work of preparation and logistics.

Service SLM ™, the name of the new pioneering service, was developed by Progold through collaboration with precious Realizer GmbH, German manufacturer of machine SLM ™, Selective Laser Melting, as the crowning of a research work long six years to bring this futuristic technology industrialization in the jewelry industry.

“It is something very unique – explains CEO Progold Damiano Zito -. Primarily from the technological point of view because we have found a way to print in 3D not only gold, but also complex materials such as Titanium and Platinum, managing to produce refined jewelery for both line which by definition. In the second place it is a service model can meet in a very personalized even the most demanding customers. ”

Through 3D printing, thanks to its flexibility regarding the timing of implementation and flexibility of its processing, it will give way to jewelers and their designers to experiment and print new solutions and forms for their jewelry Gold, Titanium and Platinum .

The service Progold, in this sense, will give everyone the opportunity to access this technological innovation and experience this new frontier of change without having to deal with the large costs for the purchase of their own printers and expertise while providing a fast and flexible service.

Service SLM ™ was presented at an event held in the setting of Villa La Favorita into the night during which we have seen video demonstrations of this technology over to see the first prototypes, or jewelry printed in much larger than the standard ranging to compose a kind of innovative sculptural work.

“The jewelry needs to evolve and innovate because the market is a dynamic flow moving – concludes Zito -. Today, with Progold SpA and the SLM Service ™, the industry has a way to do it. We are very happy that the made ​​in Italy, which we represent, can express this level of technological innovation. ”


Expo 2015, the status of the work to four months from the start.

The opening of the Expo is just around the corner. A few months yet to close the yards, ending the pavilions of the 140 guests Nations and break in the organizational machine. But where are we? The BBC does a check and lines up a bit ‘of data, just the various national spaces. Trying to figure out who was largely brought forward and those who are still mired.

First, for speed and efficiency, go to Bahrain, which lacks only the planting of palm trees, expectations – directly from the Persian Gulf – in the spring. Hats off to the company brianzola Restaura, which has followed the work. Immediately after you simply place the pavilion of the Czech Republic – entrusted to the company Czechoslovak Koma Modular – and that Angola, which has hired the Milanese Mangiavacchi Pedercini.

By the end of January should have completed work includes Azerbaijan, Israel, Qatar, Monaco, Germany, Kuwait, Japan, Switzerland, Oman, Belgium, Kazakhstan, the United Kingdom, Chile, Vietnam.

Are late Latvia and Estonia, blocked by a court case related to two appeals, and Turkey, which after an initial membership had pulled back, but then comes back again. Start until 15 January the Netherlands, which has just approved the project.

As explains the Courier, the yards are all geared to eco-sustainability, with a predilection for green materials and an overabundance of wood: 2000 trucks wood arrived in Milan, in recent months, including cypress wood Nepalese, bamboo, wood the Pyrenees, to the case of Austria that within its pavilion chose to rebuild a real forest.


And Italy? The Palace for the host State is a building of 50x50m, distributed over four stories high, with a total of 12 thousand square meters. The bulletin of the work, updated in December, gives for the ultimate structural works of the architectural body, while the works are in progress and finishing plant. Also continuing the laying of the sail and the glass cover of the facades, also glass, has just begun while the phase of the outer coating “branched”. Low environmental impact in this case, with technologies that rely on renewable resources, including solar and photovoltaic.

Thousands workers to work on the whole area – 80% assumed by Italian companies – demonstrating how the big event in Milan, from the stage of preparation, is producing jobs, economies and induced. Meanwhile, to 117 days before the opening, were already sold 7.2 million tickets. The best answer to those who, on the wave of populism, he hoped that after the scandals over rigged contracts Expo 2015 was canceled. Autolesionismi demagogic, to be answered in only one way: by working. And accelerating.