The POS. All you need to know about

The obligation of preparing POS (Operational Safety Plan) by the employers of the contracting companies was introduced by Legislative Decree 528/99 amending and supplementing the Legislative Decree 494/96 having as object the minimum safety and health to be observed in temporary and mobile.

It is assumed that the law requires (art. 9 of Legislative Decree 494 as amended) the obligation to draw the POS in any case, regardless of the length and complexity of the work to be performed, the number of firms in the construction site, the presence or absence of coordinators.

Therefore there are no cases of exemption from the preparation of the POS.
The law explicitly, moreover, that the obligation of preparing POS concerns all undertakings provided they have employees, or equivalent to them, or family workers; are exempt only the self-employed.

The POS is the document that the employer of the contractor shall prepare, in reference to the individual site concerned, pursuant to art. 4 of Legislative Decree 626/94, as amended (Art. 9 of Legislative Decree 494 as amended) and is (if any) the plan detailed complementary security plan and coordination
drafted by the coordinator to the design (Art. 5 of Legislative Decree 494 as amended).

Therefore, the POS is the document by which the employer of formalizing the outcome of the risk assessment and indicate the measures of prevention and protection that will take to eliminate (if possible) or reduce the risks encountered.

The risk assessment should:
a) be relevant to the specific site in question, avoiding any generalization;
b) to examine and assess the risks of all (and only) working that will be carried out effectively.

For the assessment must be taken into consideration at least the following aspects:
1) any dangers arising from the specific nature of the work;
2) the risk of interference or overlap due to the presence of other companies or self-employed;
3) machinery, equipment and temporary works actually used;
4) the chemicals that will be used;
5) the risks associated with the possible use of common equipment or facilities;
6) any constraints or requirements contained in the security plan and
coordination (if any).

Identified risks and exposed workers must document
a) the security measures (technical, organizational and procedural) to be adopted;
b) PPE will be provided;
c) the information and training where necessary.

The SOP should be an operational document easily and quickly available on site by workers and therefore it is recommended that:

a) synthetic and free from generic references to laws or technical standards;
b) accompanied by diagrams and drawings examples of risks and measures to be implemented.

Salone Del Mobile 2015

Salone del Mobile 2015, the fair for excellence in interior design, in the light and in the working approaches quick steps.

The 54th edition of the International Furniture Fair will open its doors Tuesday  April 14 to Sunday April 19, at the fairgrounds in Rho. Quality and innovation, as well as important events and a complete and wide range of goods are the ingredients that help make the show the real event not to be missed for all lovers of design and beyond.

The fair will be divided as usual between the classical pavilions Classic, Modern and Design, Salon Furnishing and SaloneSatellite that this edition will join the biennial Euroluce and Workplace3.0 office lounge dedicated to the work environment .Here, in detail, all that lies ahead.

Back the event in which the protagonist is excellence in the lighting world. Will be present the latest news from both indoor and outdoor applications, industrial systems, light sources and software technologies of light. For the International Year of the Light, proclaimed by UNESCO because of 2015, will also be made installation-event “Favilla. Every light a voice, “a story-research on the essence of light designed by architect Attilio Stocchi.

Workplace3.0 is instead the proposed exhibition dedicated to innovative concepts for the design of the workspace as a whole and will bring together the best proposals in the world of office, banks and insurance offices and public places; of office chairs to the elements for sound, the interior partitions and finishes to the interior furnishings, office and audiovisual technology. Dedicated to the work environment The Walk, designed by Michele De Lucchi: a large installation housed inside the halls designed with the goal of creating an area in which new activities and ways of working create new workspaces and new design requirements to inhabit, with an office that increasingly becomes the place of the relations, meetings and live together.

A project of “Four in the Morning” by architect Dario Curatolo, sees protagonists 64 Italian companies and a select group of designers, engineers and architects who will discuss the theme of the products, design and planning.The companies involved are presented with a movie, with which the viewer can virtually explore the know-how and the unique Italian, in addition to discovering the production process hidden behind each object.The movie went on to become an installation and an App to explore five solutions in Lecce, Milan, Rome, Venice and Val d’Orcia for five styles of interiors.

With free admission to the public, now in its eighteenth edition, returns the event dedicated to young designers.The Satellite Show this year is dedicated to the theme “Planet life” close to that of Expo 2015 “Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life”.Meeting place for 700 young designers selected from all over the world, the event is dedicated to the under 35 that not only present their projects, but also have the chance to be selected for the sixth edition of the Salone Satellite Award, which annually honors the three best prototypes from those presented.