Closing of 2014 positive for Italian fairs.

The twenty-third quarterly survey on trends in the exhibition industry conducted by the Observatory of economic AEFI for the period October to December 2014 indicates an evolving framework and confirms the recovery of the sector has already featured in previous quarters.  The results of the fourth quarter showed, in fact, an improvement from the previous quarter to the same quarter in 2013, confirming the ability of the fairs to cope with economic difficulties.

The survey, which involved 26 Italian exhibition centers associated AEFI, highlights through the positive and negative balances defined based on the answers of the members who have participated in the analysis, a positive trend for all other indicators: number of events, exhibitors total , area occupied, total visitors and total turnover.
The numbers of events are still growing (the 42.29% hosted more exhibitions and 50% recorded stationary highlighting the tightness of the system) and, in particular, consistently increased the number of exhibitors, who with a balance of +46 % recorded by the responses of the members, confirming the positive trend of the previous quarter, in a decisive improvement: it is more than double the previous quarter (+ 20%), and more than three times compared to the same period last year (+ 15% ). From the analysis of the origin of the exhibitors, emerge in strong recovery Italians, with a balance of + 42%, and in constant progression foreigners, both European and non-EU, with a balance of + 15%.
Also grow in parallel surfaces occupied, whose balance of + 31% marks a clear improvement compared to the quarter ended in late September (+ 8%), at the end of 2013 (+ 12%).
Were also positive data on the flow of visitors, an increase of

53.87% for the interviewed , unchanged for 23.07% and decreased to 23.06%. The balance of + 31% confirms the positive trend, despite minor increases over the previous quarter (+ 36%). The breakdown of the visitors showed a growth of Italian, with a balance of + 35%, followed by Europeans (balance + 27%) and those from non-EU countries that show a positive balance of 15%. Finally, confirming a recovery trend in the industry, the trend in sales in the quarter marks a balance of + 12%, positive despite a slight decrease from the previous quarter (+ 16%) but very encouraging when compared with the closing figure of 2013, when the balance was zero.