“Viva Cavandoli”

Manaly Standeventi is pleased to announce that it will be an official partner of the exhibition “Viva Cavandoli”, a tribute to Osvaldo Cavandoli designer of the famous cartoon “The Line”.
Point of main attraction of the exhibition will display boards with original drawings made by cartoonists and animators historical and contemporary: each author, with their own style and their own characters, has reinterpreted the designs or the figure of Cavandoli, a tribute to the original and staff. More than 100 national and international artists of renown have already joined the initiative.
The exhibition of tribute artists will be complemented by a series of in-depth content: the exhibition of original drawings made by Cavandoli, photographs and materials of the original work (storyboards, sketches, memorabilia, gifts, etc.) for the realization its animations and video contributions with interviews with artists who have known Cavandoli.
The exhibition will be inaugurated at the Musil Rodengo Saiano April 10, 2015, and will be open until June 2, 2015: During the five weeks will be able to visit the exhibition with guided tours.
The exhibition is also meant traveling exhibition is already scheduled his stay, during the summer of 2015, at the Musil Cedegolo, following the exhibition will be held at schools, art galleries, shopping centers, etc.

The new Manaly’s challenge… CONTRACT !

Manaly, thanks to the know-how and the experience acquired over the years, designing and manufacturing according to the needs of its customers, focusing on safety, quality and attention to detail of the achievements. From a concept, communicate and translate the idea into a concrete project, respecting the needs of the customer.

Contract is defined in Italy as the supply “Turnkey Service” normally refers to works furniture for public environments. In the Contract service a company is responsible for providing its customers with everything necessary for the opening of a local or an environment in general public (bars, restaurants, hotel, spa, multifunctional centers, etc.) with a service 360 ° which may include:

Architectural design

– Designing plant

– Structural Design

– Administrative necessary (construction, cadastral practice, practice insignia, practical security etc ..)

– Supply of building works

– Supply of plant works

– Supply of furniture mobile and fixed

– Supply of accessories

– Delivery of equipment

– Supply of visual communication

– Delivery of signs

The Contract formula, even if it is more expensive for the customer than separate contracts, guarantees clear advantages in terms of the timing of implementation of the works (the times that result in economic benefits) as the various companies working on the construction site are known and work in perfect synergy. Do not overlook the advantage for the customer to have a single point of contact responsible for all the delivered and implemented.