The National Trade Fair Calendar 2018


The Conference of Regions and Autonomous Provinces has published the 2018 National Trade Fair Calendar, which contains the main details of the fairs with an international character and of exhibitions at a national level and indicates which have been certified by certifying bodies and companies recognised by Accredia, including ISFCert.
The National Trade Fair Calendar is a very useful tool that allows companies to plan their attendance and gives potential visitors a sector-by-sector overview of the national and international events that take place in our country.

Analysis of the list updated to 27 September 2017 shows that 209 international and 210 national exhibitions are scheduled for next year.
The 209 international trade fairs concentrate mainly on the sectors of textiles-clothing-fashion, sport-hobbies-entertainment-art, jewellery-watches-accessories and food-drink-hospitality. Lombardy, Emilia-Romagna, Veneto, Campania and Tuscany are the regions where the greatest numbers of international exhibitions are located.

The AEFI, with its 35 trade fair districts in which 96% of the international trade fairs and 85% of all trade fairs held annually in Italy will take place in 2018, highlights the fundamental role of Trade Fairs in the Italian economy once more: they support business in the process of growth and development on the international market.
Precisely because of their value, and to maintain competitiveness, trade fairs should be supported by the state also through a series of clarifications and interventions directed towards alleviating the impact of certain taxes on balance sheets.

Comparing the progression of the Italian international exhibitions scheduled for 2018 with those which ran in 2016 – a comparable year due to the cyclical nature of most of the events – reveals an increase in the total number of trade fairs, 209 in 2018 and 185 in 2016.

Source: AEFI – Italian Exhibition and Trade Fair Association