Lean innovation: product innovation

of products and services that allows you to win the challenge with competitors all over the world.

It has been widely demonstrated that Lean Thinking has led to the companies that have implemented it, radical improvements in productivity, costs and quality.

What “Lean Innovation” mean?

It is the organizational path (based on Lean Thinking) and technology to make your company more productive, maximizing the value for the customer through reorganization and process innovation.

Lean Thinking and Lean Innovation create processes that require:

  • less human effort
  • less space
  • less financial resources
  • less time to create products and services

The companies, thanks to Lean Innovation, are able to respond to customer wishes with high variety, high quality, low cost and very fast execution times.

Furthermore, information management becomes much simpler and more accurate.

To comply with the ever-increasing demand for variations without weighing down or slowing down production processes, it is very important to resort to modular design and to reducing the variety of components.

In general terms, modularity is the characteristic of a system that makes it decomposable in some parts (modules) that can be combined with each other and / or with other parts originating from other systems, but which can lead to new configurations.

Designing modular products and looking for waste from “useless variations” due to components with different characteristics that could be standardized without affecting the performance or aesthetics of the final product, is a strategic need in a market context such as the current one where personalization of products is becoming increasingly sought after and exasperated.

The modularity allows you to offer customized products while maintaining efficiency and speed of delivery and allows you to simultaneously pursue the variants required by the customer and the standardization of the components.