Why your business needs a newsletter program.

Let your business take flight with email marketing…

Is it still worthwhile investing in the email-marketing channel when there are more innovative forms of digital communication such as native and video advertising? The answer is undoubtedly yes, indeed, the market of e-mail messages (newsletter, DEM, transactional notices) is more alive and competitive than ever!
Email marketing is not dead, but has evolved along with other forms of communication after the advent of digital, which has profoundly changed our media habits.

If you are wondering if your business needs the direct email-marketing channel, just do a quick search on SEMrush for the keyword “newsletter” to find out how high the interest in this area is. On Google.it, the average of searches in the last year amounted to 8,100 with a constant trend over time, only a drop compared to the other months affected February. While the organic results are 1,440,000,000 with a word placement difficulty rate of 84 out of 100.

The newsletter is still one of the favorite channels by marketers all over the world (59% of the respondents belonging to the B2B sector, as part of a survey conducted by HubSpot), and is also one of the cheapest. The benefits are innumerable, including:

  • The ability to get constant access to your site,
  • Communicate the presence of new content or the launch of a new product,
  • Since this is your instrument on which you can have total control, you will not be subject to any sudden changes dictated by third parties (as may happen in the context of social media marketing),
  • The programmed sending of messages keeps alive in the minds of people registered on your list your brand or your product and gives you the opportunity to build a close relationship with the user, who will receive directly to their email address related content to his interests.
  • Detailed reports on the openings and clicks on the content of your messages, which can provide you with information and interesting ideas to improve your service every day

Newsletter and Content Marketing

Only send commercial messages or newsletters that refer to the latest posts posted on the site, not only is a missed opportunity for dialogue with your interlocutor, but can also be grounds for cancellations, thus running the risk of seeing shortly reduce its list of hard-earned members.

Writing a newsletter that meets the consent of readers can be difficult because, being a tool of marketing and direct communication, presents a mix of different elements that must be taken into account.

First, you should therefore know your target audience well. In addition to socio-demographic information such as age, sex, region of origin, you should find data on the interests, aspirations, places – even digital – that the members on your list love to attend. Content should give answers to concrete problems, be engaging and, in general, bring benefits to the reader. If you are ready to start the email marketing channel in your business, always keep in mind what it is, or should be, a newsletter and what function it can perform in your relationship with your contact list. Then carefully evaluate the platform to be used for creating and sending messages, because it will have to provide some minimum requirements for achieving your goals.

Make sure to entrust the content creation and management of the publishing plan to professionals in the field of business writing and content marketing, because providing exclusive materials, dedicated to your list, will help you become a point of reference for your readers who will not see the ‘time to receive and share your newsletters!