How to choose the right exhibition for your business

Today the Exhibitions remains one of the cornerstones of marketing communication.

The Exhibition’s strategic planning is the key point to optimize the cost/benefit ratio for exhibitors and reduce the cost of contact, trying to improve the ROI (return on investment) of the fair.

Identifying and choosing the right exhibition is certainly the first and most important step to do, trying to choose the most appropriate event for the company strategy, in order to avoid errors in the various markets and to bear huge costs that are difficult to recover.

For decided which is the best exhibition to do, you must verifying some of the values of the event:

  • IMPORTANCE – consideration that the insiders have at the fair, the size of the fair and notoriety
  • AREA OF INTEREST – local, regional, national or international fairs; exhibitor and visitor company, the most favorable market for a specific product.
  • EFFECTIVENESS – suitability of the fair to achieve the goals. Depends on: historical period in which it takes place, quality and quantity of visitors of previous editions and those who will participate.


Of fundamental importance is the type of fair you participate in: B2B, B2C or Hybrid.

  • B2B – low qualitative low qualitative component;
  • B2C – high quantitative component to the detriment of the qualitative component;
  • Hybrid – high quality level for the first period, to then increase the quantitative level.


  • Economic – based on the available budget (prices m / q, stand, staff, …);
  • Competition and presence of industry leaders and their participation in previous editions, presence of innovative (more competitive) products. It can be useful for a comparison with your own products, to find out what’s new and to assess the current status based on visitor preferences.

At fairs you do not go looking for a generic customer; if it is essential to come into contact with agents, a communication and selection of fairs must be set up that is consistent with this path; while, if you have to deal with end users, then you will have to set everything differently.

This consideration will therefore push to choose the fair that, by size or by characterization, is more suitable for the internationalization project. By hypothesis you can choose a large international fair or, in some cases, it may be useful a secondary event but that will allow you to contact the level of interlocutors most suited to the company’s growth objectives.