Prepare your presence at the fair

Today the Exhibitions remains one of the cornerstones of marketing communication.

In defining the type of participation, a company must take into consideration the purpose it intends to achieve with participation:

  • PRODUCT PRESENTATION: the main objectives are to highlight the characteristics and the quality of the product, and to achieve an effective promotion of the same, or to launch the novelties at the fair;
  • IMAGE PRESENTATION: the aim is to reinforce the brand image;
  • SERVICE PRESENTATION: it is mainly addressed to companies that want to promote solutions, advice and activities offered.

In defining the structure of the stand, a company must take into consideration the following types of stands / equipment:

  • OPEN STAND: it has no separation barriers and is quite wide;
  • CLOSED STAND: with full walls on all sides except entrance, with reception to select and register visitors.
  • SHELL SCHEME STANDS: they offer low costs, made available by the fair organizer and mainly used by small companies. They have the disadvantage of not being able to emphasize the corporate identity of the company.
  • TAILOR MADE STAND: used above all by large companies and industry leaders who want to consolidate and communicate their brand and corporate identity. The goal is to capture the visitor’s attention, transmitting the company’s message in a manner.

The choice of the stand structure will affect the outcome of the participation:

Surely, a company that wants to strengthen its image / brand will not use a pre-arranged stand, as those who want to present their products to a large number of visitors will not use a closed booth with access barriers. For the same reason, a company that presents services will have to provide a more reserved area of ​​the stand to receive customers for a longer time.

The stand where to be furnished and equipped adequately. The staff will work there for a few days, and at certain times, it can get crowded. The furnishings must allow the staff and visitors to move easily, to sit and talk even in a confidential way. It can be equipped with office equipment.

The presence at the fair, involves the participation of internal staff: technical, commercial, sales force. It is therefore necessary to plan the presence of personnel at the fair to ensure a good coverage of the company’s activities.

Finally, it is good to remember that in the stand the communication is entrusted not only to the staff, but also to specific tools to be prepared in advance and carefully, such as:

  • POSTERS AND CARTELS – illustrate the company or the products at first sight