The numbers of Italian Fairs in 2018

How are the Italian fairs? Very well it seems: the most recent statistical numbers say it and the main protagonists of the sector confirm it.

The turnover linked to the Italian trade fair market improves and, above all, the turnover margins of this important sector of the Italian Mice improve, confirming that the trend of restarting business tourism on the Peninsula continues to be real.

Let’s start with the “cold” numbers and in particular those recently released by AEFI ( Associazione Esposizioni is Italian Fairs ) in its periodical survey on the trends of the sector conducted by the AEFI Economic Observatory on the trade fair sector . The survey, relating to the October December 2018 quarter, which involved 26 Italian exhibition centers associated with AEFI, shows that part of this growth is also due to foreign operators who increasingly choose Italy as a trade fair destination.

Furthermore, the survey on industry trends seems to confirm the positive trend for the coming months. The experts of AEFI explain «the analysis of the positive and negative balances derived from the responses of the interviewed trade fair districts attests a growth regarding all the indicators taken into consideration.The overall balance, equal to + 15%, is slightly up on the third quarter of the previous year, substantially unchanged, demonstrating that the positive trend does not yield. The number of events is also starting to grow again : 34.60% of the districts involved in the survey hosted more shows, while 46.18% registered stationary, again showing the stability of the system. The number of exhibitors grew significantly : half (49.98%) of the 26 members who participated in the survey in fact recorded an increase, while 19.22% was the component of those who recorded a contraction. The balance of + 31% – the result of the difference between those who expect an increase and those who expect a decrease – indicates a decidedly positive performance, an improvement compared to the end of 2017 (+ 12%). From the analysis of the provenance of the exhibitors, the Italians and the Europeans emerge , both with a balance of + 27%, compared to the less dynamic growth of the non-EU foreigners that record a balance of + 8%. As a result of the increase in the number of exhibitions and exhibitors , the area occupied also increased: 50.02% of the members participating in the survey recorded an increase. The balance, equal to + 19%, is clearly positive, although less brilliant compared to the same period last year (+ 31%). The greatest contribution to the total area occupied comes from Italian and European exhibitors, in equal measure, with a balance of + 23 %, while the areas occupied by non-EU foreign exhibitors register a balance of + 12% »

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