In this difficult social and economic moment that the whole world is facing, the exhibition sector was among the first to suffer the consequences of the COVID-19 emergency.

Many professionals wonder what the turning point will be for the sector, which thrives on meetings, travels, handshakes and socializing.

While waiting to leave, we were involved in the TARGET DUE project, a leading company in the communication technologies sector, which developed a formula to allow companies to temporarily replace their physical presence at the fair.

The Delocalized Stand is proposed as a supplementary tool to the company’s existing communication and commercial strategies. The Delocalized Stand is a powerful, fully customizable and simple to integrate tool, which aims to involve regular professionals of the fair event in this moment of forced stop.


Providing the design and construction skills of Manaly StandEventi and the multiple technological solutions of TARGET DUE;

Realizing real exhibition spaces which, with the support of innovative technologies, will allow a new relationship experience of the participants and the interactions between them


The outsourced stand can be built anywhere, at your companies, our warehouses or locations specially chosen for the event


1) Manaly StandEventi interprets and translates the client’s exhibition, commercial and communication objectives through an in-depth and detailed analytical and conceptual phase, subsequently translated into a project and implemented by our expert craftsmen.

2) Once the “scenography” has been created, TARGET DUE will take care of programming a completely personalized direction, which will include:

  • Preparation of an Audio, Video and Light direction
  • Creation of graphic and / or video content for live streaming presentations.
  • Programming of live broadcasts during the “Fair” days to present your company.

3) Participants in the “Fair” can be invited by sending them an email to which they will register, or via an invitation link and will be able to access the direct via laptop, tablet and smartphone. Based on the number of participants, it will be possible to understand how to manage the scheduling of live shows. The live broadcast can then be viewed by customers on demand if requested.

4) Possibility of direct clarifications, through the “web conference” platform that will be managed by moderators (specialized staff of your company) or you can answer the various questions,