On Sunday 13 September, within the Fiera & Festival delle Foreste di Longarone, we presented the case of “Il Bosco in Spiaggia“, a project born in the lockdown period and aimed at using the wood of the trees shot down by the Vaia storm to create structures suitable for ensure social distance on the beaches.

The project was born from the idea of ​​our President Alessandro Montanari, who dreamed of creating a product to guarantee social distancing on the Venetian beaches using the wood deriving from the trees shot down by the Vaia storm in 2018. From this vision begun an ethical marketing project aimed at allocating funds to the restoration of the Veneto woods hit by the Vaia storm, through a program of awareness and ecological and social responsibility conceived and promoted by our friends and partners Sbalchiero & Partners.

The main theme of the event was to promote a debate between companies and institutions on the possibility of implementing effective and incisive operations that place the environment and sustainable development as the main focus. Also took part in the event in addition to Manaly Stand Eventi and Sbalchiero & Partners, Veneto Agriculture and PEFC Italy, institutional partners who supported the project and Raffaella Fagnoni, professor of industrial design at the IUAV and expert in social and environmental design.

In Italy, forests cover 36.4% of the surface, but there is a lack of suitable policies to allow the forest sector to take off. Italy imports over 20 million tons of wood a year (often of non-transparent origin), equal to almost 80% of the total used in our country. This is what emerges from the “First national report on the state of forests and the forestry sector” which tells of a market far below the European averages.

The hope is to be able to transform the isolated case of “Il Bosco in Spiaggia” into a broader and national program called “Il Bosco Solidale“, with the aim of enhancing local wood, sensitizing industries and consumers through social initiatives, certified supply chains and eco-sustainable products.

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